Christian Marriage Retreat

There is a true statement: what you do to your body you do to your mind and what you do to your mind you do to your body. To have a healthy marriage is no different than having a healthy body as well as a healthy mind and emotions. The difference between them is how many are involved. When it is one person then it is just healthy body, mind, emotions and spirit. When a couple is involved then it is the balance of the one + the balance of the other = health or wholeness. Remember health is only as strong as the weakest link. A marriage is only as strong as the weakest partner. One person cannot carry the other indefinitely. For the two to become whole each must become whole individually to add to the whole. Let us look at it mathematically. 100% + 100% = 100% average. But what if one is 100% and the other is 50%? This averages to 75% and this is average and God did not create marriage to be average. If you take one spouse who give 100% and who loves 100% while the other spouse gives and loves only 50% you end up with an average marriage which eventually burns out the spouse that gives 100% unless all of that 100% is God’s unconditional love.

The best way to restore or strengthen a marriage is to treat it just the same way you would treat your health. How do you become healthy? There are 7 Basic Steps to Total Health and they are:

  1. Oxygen/breathing
  2. Water
  3. Food
  4. Sleep
  5. Exercise
  6. Fasting
  7. Prayer/meditation on God’s Word

Without These 7 Steps Done Daily A Person Can Open A Door To Disease.

Now let us look at the mental and emotional blockages that cause disease. There are nine blockages that can prevent the Truth from flowing from spirit to mind into the body to bring healing of the body, mind and spirit. When you have renewed your mind with the Truth, the lies cannot stop you from healing.

These 9 blockages/bondages are:

  1. World System
  2. Ego
  3. Personality
  4. Flesh
  5. The Five Senses
  6. False Belief Systems
  7. Religion
  8. Time
  9. Space/Physicality

Once you know the Truth in these nine areas of your life, you can be free.

Finally let us look at the spiritual blockage that prevents you from being in total health of body, mind and spirit. This comes down to just two areas. Everything in life comes down to just these two:

  1. Is it Truth?
  2. Is it a lie?

Truth is not an idea or concept. Truth is a Person and that Person is Jesus Christ.

You shall know the Truth (Jesus Christ) and the Truth (Jesus Christ) shall set you free.

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So how do you make a healthy marriage?

Make a healthy body, mind, emotions and spirit of each one of the marriage covenant partners. Once the two are whole individually then when the two come together they will not add to each other multiply each other. 100% + 100% becomes 100% X 100% = hundredfold return.

What we empower you both to do in our Total Health Marriage Retreat is to become healthy in body, mind, emotions and spirit individually so you can have the hundredfold return in your marriage.

The systems to balance in order of priority are:

  1. Nervous system
  2. Hormonal system
  3. Digestive system
  4. Detoxification system

We do testing which accesses the nervous system blockages. A hormonal profile which includes stress hormones, male and female hormones, sleep hormone and immune strength of the digestive system. We also analyze for potential levels of toxicity in the body.

The most important part of your health is the mind and emotions and the bridge between the physical health and mental/emotional health is the brain. We access the brain with a detailed brain map of the brain waves. This is similar to accessing how healthy your heart is by doing an electrocardiogram. The ECG measures electrical heart waves and when those waves are in a certain rhythm or balance you know your heart is healthy. The same goes for the brain map. It measures your brain waves and tell you if your brain is healthy or out of balance. When you learn how to balance the 4 systems in the body and balance your brain then the mind and emotions will start to balance.

The final and most important step in making a healthy individual (and making and healthy marriage) is to balance the mind and emotions. This can only be done when you come to know who you are IN CHRIST and who you are NOT apart from Christ.

We have two natures once we have entered a covenant relationship with God our Father in Heaven through our Lord, Savior, and covenant Representative Jesus Christ. The first is our true nature, perfect in every way because it is who we are as a member of the Family of God. The other is our old nature apart from Christ, which has been called the flesh, old man, or sin nature. In this retreat, we have made this old nature more personal and real by calling her or him Sally & George. By giving this sin nature a name, we can be more aware, awake, and alert to the lies they speak in our mind, trying to take control of our life and in so doing stealing, killing, and destroying our ability to live as a true son or daughter of our Father in Heaven. We explore how Sally & George steal, kill, and destroy a marriage.

Once you know in your heart that, although Sally & George live within you, they are not who you are, then on God’s perfect timing, the Holy Spirit of Truth will reveal who you are in Christ, empowering you to take your rightful place as a member of God’s Family. Once this revelation appears, His kingdom comes within you, and His will is done on earth through you, as it is done in Heaven. This is Heaven coming to earth.

Once husband and wife get this revelation together then the two become One with Him fully and their marriage become what it was created by God to be. Rooted in the Family of God: Husband and wife as a cord of Three strands that cannot be broken. Husband + Wife + Family of God = Unbreakable covenant of Love, Joy, Peace that only seeks to do the Father’s will.

Price for the Total Health Christian Marriage Retreat is $5000 per couple plus the cost of the hotel room. All inpatients sleep at the local hotel and are shuttled to the THI. The program begins on Monday. Please plan to arrive by 11 AM. Checkout is Saturday. Stay is 6 days (Monday – Saturday). Please call to determine availability.

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Any Questions? We Are Here To Address Them.
Call Us At (630) 871-0000.